Heather and Petcetera are awesome!!!

Our dog Spirit is super shy, easily scared, and doesn't like many people, so I was amazed that during our initial consultation, Spirit barely even barked at Heather and was sleeping on her doggy bed within minutes of her arrival, not even caring that a 'stranger' was in her house!  Heather just has a way with animals, and they know she's a friend... it sounds crazy, but it's true! 

Heather recently watched Spirit for a few overnights while my husband and I were out of town, and she constantly kept in contact with me about how Spirit was doing (because she knows I'm a paranoid dog-mommy!)  Spirit has Addison's Disease and Heather was awesome at keeping an eye out for symptoms and using her animal intuition to gage how Spirit was doing.  When we came home from our trip, I was absolutely amazed at how "normal" Spirit was - no whining, no clingy-ness, no odd behavior, it was like we had never even left!  Which was unheard of before when Spirit would stay at the kennel, she'd be acting funky for days afterwards, but not with Heather!

I also LOVE how Heather constantly updates her Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/…) with photos of all the animals she sits for, and I always love checking my phone and seeing a picture of Spirit after a visit!  Heather is very 'technology-savvy' and is very prompt with responding to emails or texts, which is much easier for me than phone calls.  She truly loves what she does, and it's obvious with the amazing care she provides for the animals she sits for.  Seriously look at the photos she posts of all 'her' animals, are they not always smiling?!

I would very highly recommend Heather and Petcetera to anyone who is looking for the absolute best pet care for their furry child, you will not be disappointed!!

- Summer, Mike & Spirit

“I travel quite often for work and it’s reassuring to know that I have someone that is responsible and caring to watch after my cat.  Heather does a great job of keeping me updated after her visits.  I can rest assured that I have one of the best pet sitters in Denver taking care of my pet while I’m gone.”

– Tracy & Oscar

"Heather came over for a half-hour visit to get to know my boxer and mastiff. Then she came back when we weren't home to make sure my girls were OK with her coming in the house, etc. They love Heather and I love the extra care she takes and that she texts updates after each visit. My girls would've been miserable in a kennel but are safe and happy under Heather's care!"

- Lauren, Rowan, Sorcha & the kitties

"Heather delivers peace-of-mind for "puppy parents" who need the chance to get away!

After meeting with Heather, and informing her of how spoiled our dogs are, she treated our two Shiba Inus with the same attention and care that we would. By keeping in contact with quick updates, Heather really helped us keep our attention on our time-off and not on hoping that a coerced family member remembered to lend a hand. She really takes the stress out of leaving the pets at home.

HIGHLY Recommended!"

- Jonathan, Kelly, Aya & Inku

"Heather is fantastic! She is very professional from the first introductory visit to the adorable photos she gets of our puppy during her daily potty breaks and is very flexible if our schedule changes at the last minute. I can tell from her daily texts and communication how much she cares about animals, and feel great that our dog is in such good hands. We would recommend Heather to anyone looking for a dog walker!"

- Courtney & Ruby

"Heather is absolutely fantastic...we couldn't be any happier with the pet services she provides.  She walks our two (crazy!) Boxers everyday and they just love her.  Heather is extremely professional and a joy to work with.  You won't be disappointed!"

- Rachael, Aaron, Hopper & Tig

"I got my puppy, an English Bulldog, in early September. After speaking with Heather about using Petcetera Pet Services, LLC it was clear that hiring a dog sitter was the best thing, although I was still apprehensive. I was concerned about how my puppy would be treat
ed, if she would be loved and pampered and if her needs would be met.

I was immediately put at ease when Heather showed up on Labor Day Sunday to meet us for the first time. She made me feel comfortable, talked about the schedule and what would take place during her visits. She discussed potty training, taking my dog for walks and exercising her. She did all of this while holding and petting my puppy, who was completely relaxed around Heather.

Since that first meeting, Heather has been amazing. She texts after every visit with an update. She has helped with potty training and even brought my dog a little play toy! Having a puppy can be stressful enough but when people work all day, Heather’s service is invaluable. She does a great job and I would recommend her to anyone."

- Jill, David & Winnie

"Our dog Dexter is more like a member of the family than a household pet.

I started a new job a year ago that prevented me from checking on him when my wife and I are both out all day. Heather the owner of Petcetera to the rescue!

Heather is great with him and it is evident that his care and well being is extremely important to her on both a personal and professional level.

We completely trust her with our dog and that is saying a lot!"

- Jason Page & Dexter!

“It is a great peace of mind to know that Heather is taking care of my dogs. She has proven more than capable of caring for their diverse needs (a 1 year old and a 14 year old). Whether it’s been finding creative ways to see to it medications are administered or taking the initiative to turn the heat back on in the house when an unexpected mid Spring cold blast came to town while I was away, Heather’s experience and attention to details have been invaluable toward insuring my dogs are well cared for while I’m away.”

- Greg, Jasmine & Rose

“Heather does a great job with my new puppy (1 year old). She is very reliable and professional. I know my dog has a great time with her on his weekly walks! I would highly recommend her.”

- Gretchen & Nimbus

“Heather is wonderful! She takes excellent care of our elderly kitty and all of his special needs. Thank’s Heather!”

- Anya & Oscar

“The owner of Petcetera is very dependable and reliable and I would not trust my pets with anyone else.
My cats love her and she really takes the time to care for my animals.
She always remembers the details and I am lucky to have found her.” - Kim

“Petcetera cared for my bunny and did a fantastic job!”

- Ronnie & Ellie

“Having Heather come to my home while I’m away to take care of my three pets, 2 dogs and 1 cat, has been so wonderful. She not only has a great personality and cares so much for animals, but she reminds me of our appointments, sends regular updates, handles all emergencies so I don’t have to worry, and my pets love her! I always have peace of mind when I’m out of town that my pets will be happy and healthy in Heather’s care. Travel can be stressful, but I never worry about being gone for one day or for five because I know my pets are loved by their other Mom – Heather. She has even made herself available on short notice and I appreciate her dedication and commitment to my mini-family. She doesn’t treat my pets like they are a job, she takes care of them like they are her own. Thank you for such wonderful loving service Heather!!!”

- Christophany, Autumn, Bosley & Leah

"Seriously...I love you, Petcetera.

From the moment Heather walked in and my normally shy lab jumped in her lap I knew I had struck gold. Heather has an incredible knack with animals and unparalleled communication skills with humans too! She is so intutitive with my dog, it's incredible. I love Petcetera's website, facebook page and blog. I love how all every bit of Petcetera's information is just out there for you to check out. I interviewed quite a few petsitters before I saw Heather on Yelp and reached out to her. She replied to my first email within the hour - so professional! She visited my dog a few times before the trip to establish familiarity, kept detailed notes while we were gone and sent daily email updates.
I am so happy I found Heather that next time I move I'm going to make sure it's in her service area before I sign any papers!"

Randi & Boomer!

It almost been 6 months since I had to say good bye to my Yorkshire Terrier – Chanel. But I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, Heather took impeccable care of her and made her she was well fed, walked and watched over each day when I commuted 40 minutes from work. You see Chanel became ill last October and thanks to already having Petcetera services, I knew without doubt Chanel was going to be taken care of.  Heather took on more than her share of caring for her. In fact she could of turned down the continuation of care based on the risk but instead……..
Heather gave me the peace of mind only someone like her could. She believes in taking care of other animals to a high level of determined care with complete love and regard for each one she watches over. I miss seeing her and reading her notes from her daily visit.
Without doubt, I know Heather requires the same for her contractors, as this is a very caring compassion company.
I give Petcetera my highest level in recommendation and when it’s time for another pet, I will call her again.
Kindest Regards - Terri L. Ciancio

“Heather did an amazing job taking care of my cat Flannigan while I was on trip in Japan. I had such peace of mind while there knowing he was in Heather’s good hands. Her daily updates and photos were awesome! I returned to a happy, healthy cat and plan on using Heather in the future!” 

- Anna & Flannigan

“Heather is just awesome. Flexible scheduling, reasonable rates. The animals are drawn to her and you can tell she really enjoys the work. Email updates and pictures of my babies while I was away for a long trip, and a daily log left at the house for my review. I felt completely confident my pets were in good hands. I will definitely be hiring her again!”

- Diana & Rebecca, Demon, Bella, Oscar, Elliot & Sammy

“Heather is fantastic with our ‘flock’ of birds and evasive cat. We find so much comfort in leaving our kids in such capable hands. Kudos Heather!” 


“Heather is wonderful to work with. Her knowledge about the care of all kinds of animals is amazing, and the quality of her care is second to none.”

- Thalena & Kevin, Sebastian, Casey, & the budgie flock

"Only the best for my precious pet! My cat is more like a child to me, and I wouldn't trust just anyone to care for him. Heather of Petcetera took the time to come and meet with me, learn about his routine and performed up to my every standard. She watches my cat, my parent's cat and dog, and I have recommended her to several other friends who also have been 100% pleased with her services. She does a fabulous job. She is a true animal lover and took great care and respect while looking over my home and beloved furry-family-member."

- Rachel, Scott & Edward

"My husband and I travel often, but this is the first time I hired a pet sitter.  (Unpaid friends aren't usually too keen about scooping the litter box, and we were going to be gone for a full week.)  I decided on Petcetera after looking over Heather's website and reading her Yelp reviews.

When Heather came to the house for our initial consultation, I could tell that she is a good person who genuinely cares about animals.  During our trip, she sent updates and photos with every visit...  It's so reassuring to see a pet happy (or as happy as my Siamese can get - she's a brat!) and playing while you're away.  Everything was in order when we returned from our trip and Heather even left our kitty a fun new toy.

Petcetera is great!  We'll give Heather a call for our next trip, for sure" J

- Jennifer & Mia

"I had taken our cat to Petsmarts PetHotel for a 5 day stay in May 2011. I am a longtime supporter of the Banfield Group and was familar with the PetHotel. Unfortunately, my cat did not enjoy staying there for 5 days. When I had another trip out of town coming up, I was lucky enough to come across Heather who oversees this locations Petcetera. She is an angel for us!!

I sent an email to Heather, who promptly returned my inquiry, and she was available to make arrangements to meet our cat. A couple of days later, she came over, and her skills with my cat was uncanny. Our cat is social, but only when he gets comfortable with you. Heather was able to walk up, he came over to her and they bonded immediately. I was hugely relieved. I shared with her my PetHotel experience, and she was very understanding and was able to provide some tips to help our cat when our trip came up to make the departure easy on all of us!.

Her daily fee is very reasonable, and although I paid a couple of dollars more a day, it was MORE than worth it! Heather sent emails nightly of how our cat was doing with her visit, and she even posted photos of him on her website. The extra fee per day, more than paid for itself with knowing that someone who I just met, but has a love for animals, and knowing that our cat was home in HIS world, made this vacation our best one EVER!! When we returned home, even Buddy, (our cat) was happy to see us, but was waiting for Heather (I'm sure of it) to show up with us.

Heather, you are an awesome person, and we will be using your expertise and services again when I am able to take another vacation!! We have your email, your phone, and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR TAKING CARE OF BUDDY!!

Please take the time to go over to her website!  It is as stated, real, current, and Heather is as the reviews state; a great woman who loves (and will love yours too) animals!!"

- Scott, Helen & Buddy

"Petcetera is the BEST!  Heather is the best dog walker/sitter I have ever had. She is timely, reliable and has clued me in to cool new treats for my babies.  My dogs love her and get very excited when I mention her name and tell them "today is Heather  walk day".

I have used Petcetera for quite some time.  Heather and Jeremy (who helps her with overflow) have treated my dogs like their own.  They have been flexible with my business travel needs and I can always rely on them.  When I travel, one of them will house-sit with my dogs overnight, make sure they are loved, fed and pottied.  This is a great alternative to kenneling my girls as I have gone that route and ended up paying expensive vet bills for a variety of things that can occur when you kennel your dog.

My dogs are walked 3 days a week - every week.  Every day they are walked I get a status text (my preference of communication) letting me know how the walk went.  Sometimes I get a photo too.  This happens like clockwork. One of the coolest things is when I see those photos uploaded to Petcetera's Facebook site.  Liking their page on Facebook allows me to enjoy the pet updates.  It is pretty cool to check out some of the animals that get love and care from Heather (birds, rabbits, dogs, cats - you name it).

Heather will email or call me within a few hours if I have a question or need to talk to her and always on the same day.  

Truly - I cannot say enough positive about Petcetera.  I have used other dog walkers, pet sitters, and kennels and thankful that I finally found Heather.  It's like trying to find a good daycare for your kids who will treat them like you do.  Petcetera does and with a smile."

- Deanna White

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