What do you do while you are with my pets?

As every pet is unique, with individualized needs and their own idea of just what is fun, Petcetera’s time with all pets is highly customized to meet the pet’s needs while adhering to the client’s preferences.

As a general rule, we recommend that high energy pets spend a majority of our time together burning excess energy, whether playing with the dog outdoors, or allowing caged pets time outside of the cage. We offer a variety of services to cater to your pet's needs! 

How will Petcetera handle a pet emergency?

Petcetera promises to enter any emergency in a calm and professional manner. All clients whose pet experiences an emergency will be notified immediately in order to obtain further instruction, unless the emergency is dire and warrants immediate veterinary care.

We collect pertinent information such as the client's veterinary contact and authorization for care during the Meet and Greet. Clients traveling outside of the country are asked to provide their veterinarian with payment info and care instruction should an emergency arise. 

Does Petcetera charge per pet?

Petcetera does not charge for multiple pets. 

However, we do take into consideration the amount of time needed to care for each pet, and may suggest that additional time be added to your sit in order to ensure that all of the pets in your zoo receive appropriate care.

What type of contact will I have while I’m away?

All clients are asked to choose their preferred method of contact while completing the initial paperwork. Most of our Pet Care Specialists prefer to send a short text message detailing their visit with your pet(s). Other ways of contact include email and phone. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

What  medical conditions do you have experience with?

Many of the pets in Petcetera’s care are elderly or special needs pets that suffer from a variety of ailments such as blindness, hip dysplasia, arthritis, loss of hearing, ulcers, and have had strokes. We’ve cared for both parrots and dogs with seizure disorders and have administered insulin injections to diabetic cats. 

Petcetera will never charge for the administration of medication as we firmly believe that there is no reason to profit from a pet’s illness or medical needs. Petcetera will gladly administer pills, topical treatments, eye liquids and gels, insulin injections & subcutaneous fluids.