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Pet Sitting & Vacation Packages

Pet Sitting

(Dogs, Cats, Small Animals & Reptiles)

30 minutes     $22
45 minutes     $30
60 minutes     $35

Extended Care is available at an hourly discount. Please contact us to inquire!

Pet sitting services consist of a 30 to 60 minute visit that includes maintenance & companionship customized for your pet. Services includ food & water replenishment, litter box scooping, outdoor walks, play exercise, out-of-cage time, small animal cage cleaning, light pet-related cleaning, medication administration, and complimentary mail & plant-watering services. 

Pet Sitting Vacation Packages

(Let your pet enjoy a "stay"cation at home while you travel.)

3 visits per day        (30 minutes each)                              $60 per day                                                                                                                                                       

Go on vacation and avoid stressing your pet by boarding him in a kennel with our vacation package. Enjoy the added benefit of giving your home extra security by keeping that "lived in" appearance while you're away.