Services & Rates

Meet and Greet Consultation - $22

Petcetera Pet Services provides a 30 - 45 minute consultation with you, your pet(s), and the Pet Care Specialist assigned to your service area. This initial meeting is not only essential in familiarizing your pet with it's new care-taker, but provides an opportunity to create a customized care plan based on your pet's needs. Although we do charge a $22 fee for this meeting, the fee will be applied as a credit on your first invoice.

Petcetera never charges for giving pets medication OR for multiple pets!

Petcetera Pet Services never charges for multiple pets! It doesn't matter whether you have one dog or a small zoo, the cost of the visit is ALWAYS the same. If your pets require additional time, we will recommend an upgrade to a longer visit - that's it!

Petcetera Pet Services is experienced in providing medication to a variety of pets and does so free of charge. Many of our clients require daily medication to live a healthy life. Petcetera Pet Services does not believe in profiting from the medical needs of pets. We are experienced with oral medication (pills and liquids); eye care (saline drops and gels); flea treatments; insulin injections; subcutaneous fluids; and adhere strictly to the rules regarding their administration.

Dog Walking & Monthly Packages

20 minutes*     $20     (mid-day M - F only)
30 minutes       $22
45 minutes       $30
60 minutes       $35

Petcetera Pet Services is happy to provide dog walking services for canines big and small. Owners must provide a collar and leash or harness and must be on a leash at all times (as required by our insurance provider.) Petcetera Pet Services is experienced with Gentle Leader leads and a variety of harnesses. All dog-walking services require a brief walk with the owner during the initial Meet and Greet.

*Potty break services are only offered for dogs during weekdays or inclement weather. This 20 minute visit provides your dog necessary relief and includes an after-walk treat and fresh water.

Potty Break Monthly Package Deal

3 visits per week    $228 (1 cancellation per month may be credited to your account)
5 visits per week    $360 (2 cancellations per month may be credited to your account)

Save when you purchase a monthly package.  We will make sure your pet gets to take a potty break during the day.  Potty Break visits are 20 minutes each and generally include a short walk and playtime. Get the benefit of saving money with the reassurance that if something comes up you may reschedule a visit.

Full Service Monthly Package Deals

3 visits per week    $240 (1 cancellation per month may be credited to your account)

5 visits per week    $400 (2 cancellations per month may be credited to your account)

Save when you purchase a monthly package.  Full service monthly packages include one 30 minute visit each day. This allows your dog a longer walk with time for extra cuddles.

Pet Sitting & Vacation Packages

30 minutes     $22
45 minutes     $30
60 minutes     $35

Extended Care is available at an hourly discount. Please contact us to inquire!

Pet sitting services consist of a 30 to 60 minute visit that includes maintenance & companionship customized for your pet. Services includ food & water replenishment, litter box scooping, outdoor walks, play exercise, out-of-cage time, small animal cage cleaning, light pet-related cleaning, medication administration, and complimentary mail & plant-watering services. 

Pet Sitting Vacation Packages

(Let your pet enjoy a "stay"cation at home while you travel.)

3 visits per day        (30 minutes each)                    $60 per day                                                                                                                                                       

Go on vacation and avoid stressing your pet by boarding him in a kennel with our vacation package. Enjoy the added benefit of giving your home extra security by keeping that "lived in" appearance while you're away.

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