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Standards of Care

Since our inception in 2007, our policies and standards of care have continued to grow and evolve based on personal experience, information from our clients, and insight from other pet care providers and industry professionals. We strongly believe that pets deserve the best and feel that the most effective way to guarantee their healthy, safety, and happiness is to follow the guidelines we've set. While we understand and respect any clients' desire to choose a different plan for their pet care, these standards of care are non-negotiable.

All cats must receive one 30 minute visit per day.

Daily visits not only ensure the health and safety of the cats and clients' homes, but give us more time to establish a better relationship with each individual cat. We encourage you to read "Why Cats Need a Pet Sitting Visit Every Day," by Sue Clyne of Kitty Bliss Pet Services.

All dogs must have at least two 30 minute visits per day.

While we prefer to visit dogs three times a day (and provide a couple options to help our client's save on those visits), we feel that two 30 minute visits are the bare minimum that dogs need while their owners are away. Additionally, we require that all dog doors be closed between the last evening and first morning visit.

All birds, small mammals, and reptiles must receive one 30 minute visit per day.

We believe that all animals deserve at least 30 minutes of interaction per day, as well as fresh water and assurance of their health and safety.

All pets with behavioral challenges require a preliminary visit to ensure safety of the pet care provider.

While our Pet Care Specialists are highly experienced with rescued animals and pets with behavioral challenges, we require at least one preliminary visit to ensure that the pets are comfortable with their caretaker. The preliminary visit will occur after the Meet and Greet without the owner present and ensures our ability to enter the client's home without danger to the pet care provider or the pet.

We do not share jobs with others.

As always, we understand when clients request family and friends to help care for their pets during vacations, and we are generally accommodating, but moving forward we will only accept jobs in which pet care duties are shared on a case by case basis. In most circumstances, we do not partake in job sharing with family, friends, or other pet care companies due to liability and - frankly -we've often found ourselves having to step up to take full responsibility when others have failed.

While we know that there are many responsible animal lovers who dutifully follow through with their pet care promise, we strongly feel that our clients' best interests usually lie with us. Not only are we contractually obligated to care for animals, their well being is our passion. Animals always come first, and you'll never have to worry about whether we're showing up. We understand that the client has the right to allow whomever they wish into the home while we are providing pet care services, but we strongly prefer that we remain the primary care provider.

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