About Us

Our Mission

To provide all pets with the most professional, reliable, and compassionate care customized to meet their unique individual needs and maintain the highest quality of their health and mental and emotional well-being.

Our Promise
  • To provide and care for all animals as if they were our own, regardless of species, temperament, illness, or special needs.
  • To extend the same level of personal regard towards the property of our clients. 
  • To sustain both a professional and personal relationship with our clients by maintaining a reputation of excellence, based on accessibility, reliability, and a relentless commitment to superior customer service and trust.

5 Reasons to Choose Petcetera Pet Services

    •    Petcetera is a pet care agency fueled by compassion and commitment to your pet. By hiring Petcetera Pet Services, you are ensuring that your pet will always be taken care of. No worrying about whether your pet sitter has a back up plan in case of emergency; if your Pet Care Specialist is unavailable, another qualified PCS will take their place.

    •    Our Pet Care Specialists have joined the Petcetera team for one very important reason - they all share a passion for animals. Our passion, commitment, and intuitive connection with animals lends our Pet Care Specialists a unique link with your pets to ensure the highest quality care possible. Most of our specialists are certified in Pet First Aid and all are pet owners themselves. We understand how much you love your pets - we love them, too - and promise to treat them as our very own.

    •    Whether a growing pup needs a potty break, or a parrot needs her medication, it’s imperative to hire a pet sitter you can depend on. Petcetera provides a general service contract to protect the client and their pet(s), and to secure the promise that we’ll do what’s necessary to care for your companion. We’ve driven through white-out snow sto rms and on roads of ice in order to care for pets. We’re happy to communicate by email or phone while you’re away, as well. It’s our job to ensure that your pets are cared for, and we’re happy to lend references as proof that we’ve gone the extra mile.

    •    Experience is essential!! While we specialize in caring for parrots and special needs pets, Petcetera has cared for a variety of animals including dogs and cats (baby to elderly), guinea pigs, blue-tongued skinks, horses, love birds, chickens (indoor and outdoor!), hamsters, fish, cockatoos, African Greys, snails, finches, and our list continues to grow!! We’ve cared for dogs with seizures, parrots with biting issues, diabetic cats, rescued & formerly abused pets, and animals of all ages, from an 8 week old Chihuahua to 23 year old cats. We’re experienced with administering medication (free of charge) and of course with providing lots of patience, compassion, and love!!

    •    We always go the extra mile!! Poop-scooping the backyard, bringing in the mail and papers, alternating blinds and lights, removing pet-related trash, sweeping, vacuuming – these are all amenities included when you choose Petcetera Pet Sitting Services. We’re committed to caring for your pets and your property while you’re away. Our clients are family to us, and our family is our priority.

Remember – at Petcetera, professional pet care is our full-time job, not a hobby. It is our commitment to ensure that our clients' pets receive the nurture, attention, and supervision that allow them to lead happy, healthful, and heart-fulfilling lives.

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